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 Yukon River Expedition 7

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

Whitehorse / Canada - Emmonak / Bering Sea / Alaska 3260 Km

I have this trip in addition on 61 hours of DV video material !

The filming went great. I captured very nice animal and landscape shots.
Black bears looting a swallow's nest, swimming moose, a wolf, porcupine.
Some interviews with people in the bush, Inuits of Pilot Station at the "Eskimo Dance", landscape at the Andreafsky River with northern lights etc...
Unfortunately the TV broadcast could not take place because my travel partner suddenly demanded a huge amount of money from me just to be seen in the movie although I paid for the trip. Unfortunately, we only sealed it with a handshake before the journey ( like a real man ) ...
 A big mistake, you can't trust anyone anymore!
Sad but true !

Construction of the catamaran

© 2006 Copyright by Ch. Breier

Wood purchasing and transport

© 2006 Copyright by Ch. Breier

The frame slowly takes shape

© 2006 Copyright by Ch. Breier

I really like to work with wood.


Assembly of the Kat at the Yukon River.



The assembly is completed 

© 2006 Copyright by Ch. Breier

The boat's almost ready. Here I am sorting the food...

© 2006 Copyright by Ch. Breier

Now only the engine mount is missing and I can finally start...

© 2006 Copyright by Ch. Breier

Motor mount and motor are finally mounted !

© 2006 Copyright by Ch. Breier

Udo accompanied me from Whitehorse to Dawson City.
I wish I had finished the tour with Udo and not with David...


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Only those who risk going too far, will discover how far they can go!

Expedition in USA, Alaska & Canada, Scandinavia with folding boat, motorboat, catamaran, motorcycle, off-road vehicle, bicycle ...