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All other trips cancelled until further notice

As in 2009, it was planned to go in 2017-2018 with a recumbent trike on the road for several months, but this time not through the Yukon & Alaska, but through Scandinavia.....

Unfortunately my mother ( 83 ) and my brother are not doing well at all ...

There is just no way that I travel around for a few months now !

Therefore all expeditions for the next years are cancelled !

Scorpion fx Reisetrike © Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

I've sold the trike in the meantime. The new owner is happy about my modifications and would like to go on a big tour with the trike, I wish him a lot of fun !

© Copyright by Ch. Breier© Copyright by Ch. Breier

I use a really nice Haibike E-FatBike now and my dog Trixi loves that thing and here Trailer !

© Copyright by Ch. Breier© Copyright by Ch. Breier

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