Burn Fat Not Fuel 2

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For a long time I postponed the project because of the costs and I still have to do it...

It is just way to expensive to build a boat like that in Germany !

The prices for the construction of such a small boat are just crazy !

I could buy easy a used  8-14m

sailing yacht or motorboat that would be cheaper...

The actual idea was to build a boat that should be ecologically and economical perfect. Unfortunately this is not possible in Germany, so I can only hope that I can find such a boat somewhere used ...

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As you can imagine, I will definitely not spend my retirement in a rocking chair ...

Many years ago I tried to build a foot pedal boat in Malaysia with a friend. Everything was ready to go, but then the German customs has prevented it, because of there extreme high import tax for such a boat ....

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But it wasn't wasted time, because I did a lot of research on the subject …

With the pictures and all the info of

Davey du Plessis Pedal Power Boat,

the fire is on again, such a boat was always on my mind...

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Length 23 feet, width 6 feet, beam 5 feet, 380Kg

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There are so many places to discover in Europe.

The River Rhine, the River Mosel, the Danube River the Mediterranean Shoreline, the Baltic Sea, the Lake Inari, the Rivers & Lakes of Scandinavia, the Rivers of France & Holland, and the Rivers and Lakes of Poland & Russia ...

And there is always the possibility to ship the boat in a container to Canada or the USA!

There I would have endless possibilities with such a boat like the Great Lakes, the Inter Coastal Waterway, the Inside Passage etc...


 The following things are

very important to me:

The boat should have a large cabin in which I can sleep comfortably and endure even in bad weather for a long time.
The cabin must offer sufficent space for cooking and my extensive equipment must be stored safely and waterproof.

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There must be enough sufficent room for all the electronics and navigation tools !

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There must be sufficent room for at least 6 month of food, like I had in my ORCA.

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It should have as much room as possible for some large 12 volt batteries .

Enough room for solar panels and a small wind generator must be present.

The boat should have very little draft and the ability to beach. Without that, exploring most rivers is almost impossible and you miss all the good spots. Without the shallow draft of my ORCA, I would not have been successful on my 2007 expedition !

The propulsion should mainly take place via the pedal drive and as a backup via an E- outboard motor.

It should be consumed as little fossil fuels as possible. So again more of a Burn Fat Not Fuel trip !

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The cabin must offer the possibility to heat, because from past expeditions I know how important a heating system is on a boat. That it remains dry and habitable especially in the northern latitudes!

But with such a small boat this is a real challenge.

The boat should not exceed a length of 6-7m and a width of 2m - 3.50m so that it remains manageable!


It is really getting time to work on my last big dream, my last big adventure bevor it will be to late...

And if I fail...


At least I have tried...

I can't travel in the next years anyway, because of my mother's and my brother's health, so I will give this project some years!

That is a realistic time to do some good research and find a good and sturdy boat...



The only other and I think only real alternative would be to buy a used micro catamaran.

But this is very difficult here in Europe, small catamarans are sold extremely seldom !

© Copyright by Roger Mann© Copyright by Roger Mann

A Boat like that from Roger Mann (USA ) is what I mean !

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A catamaran

is a very good alternative .

It has enough space to install a pedal drive,
little draft and enough space for my equipment!

Pontoon boats are also an alternative, but not as good as a sailboat ...


A sailing catamaran would be optimal as it is already designed for efficient gliding through the water !

perfect for the conversion to a pedal & eletro drive

© Copyright by Sipke Diepbrink© Copyright by Sipke Diepbrink

The catamaran from Sipke Diepbrink in the Netherlands

6,00m x 3,25m perfect size!

© Copyright by Sipke Diepbrink© Copyright by Sipke Diepbrink

A very, very nice Catamaran !

© Copyright by Sipke Diepbrink© Copyright by Sipke Diepbrink

Something like this is very close to my dream catamaran !

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If any of you have any info or advice on such boats or would like to support the project in any way,

please send me a mail !


It is not common at all that people share details about their boat building...

Unfortunately, some are only record hunters and self-exposers.

These people are no real travelers and they make a secret out of their boats for fear of competitors...

Therefore a big thank you to:

Klaus Metz


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Davey Duplessis


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Mats Fabricius


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Sven Yrvind


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Maciej Stański


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Mark Byass & Mike Sayer


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Roger Mann / USA


Sipke Diepbrink/Netherland


For sharing all the info about your boats.

You guys are real travelers!

I really appreciate it !


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Only those who risk going too far, will discover how far they can go!

Expedition in USA, Alaska & Canada, Scandinavia with folding boat, motorboat, catamaran, motorcycle, off-road vehicle, bicycle ...