Some Call It Adventure, I Call It My Way Of Live 

My last Twin !

Unfortunately I had more and more problems with my knee joints, the many expeditions become noticeable with age, so I had to stop riding Motorbikes!

Me knees are much better now in 2024

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My Twin is sold to Joel from the Sauerland, he drives normally a Land Rover and now a Twin.

A really super nice fellow, the Twin is now in perfect hands !

Already a good match ...


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That was my fifth Africa Twin ...







RD07a The last of the "real" Twin's

The new 1000er Africa Twin (CRF1000L) is out of the question for me, it's like the 1000er Varadero that I had too much (engine) electronics on board, a totally unnecessary build in risk of a breakdown !


Honda Africa Twin RD07a


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The Twin I have slowly rebuilt to my needs!

My Twin is in no way a rally machine, but a very well-equipped Tourer which can also be moved faster on gravel!

I don't want to get from point A to point B as the quickest...

Speed plays no role at all since I do not drive faster than max. 120 km/h on trips anyway!

On average, I'm always between 50-100 km/h, I want to see something and not race around like a blind man...

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Only those who risk going too far, will discover how far they can go!

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