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My last Twin !

Unfortunately I had more and more problems with my knee joints,the many expeditions become noticeable with age so I had to stop riding Motorbikes!

( Me knees are much better in 2023, so I bought a Triumph Tiger 900 ,,, ;) )

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My Twin is sold to Joel from the Sauerland, he drives normaly a Landrover and now a Twin.

A really super nice fellow, the Twin is now in really good hands !

Already a good match ...


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That was my fifth Africa Twin ...







RD07a The last of the "real" Twin's

The new 1000er Africa Twin ( CRF1000L ) is out of the question for me, its like the 1000er Varadero that I had too much ( engine ) electronics on board, an totally unnecessary build in risk of a breakdown !


Honda Africa Twin RD07a


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The Twin I have slowly rebuilt to my needs!

My Twin is in no way a rally machine, but a very well equipped Tourer which can also be moved faster on gravel!

I don't want to get from point A to point B as the quickest...

Speed plays no role at all since I do not drive faster than max. 120 km/h on trips anyway!

On average I'm always between 50-100 km/h, I want to see something and not race around like a blind man...

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Only those who risk going too far, will discover how far they can go!

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