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This site is still under construction !
Since my early childhood I have been a very active


I'm listening frequently inbetween 10kHz-30MHz.

But I also have equipment for up to 3.15 GHz.

My AOR AR-5001DX.

A great receiver that can receive from 40 kHz to 3.15 GHz !

If you are looking for a stand alone panadapter, do not look any further and contact Heinz Stampfl HB9KOC in Switzerland !

Even today in the age of the SDR receivers it is still good to have a Timewave DSP filter in the shack...

As headphones I use a Sennheiser HD 598, I am very satisfied with it !



CommRadio CR-1a

My CommRadio CR-1a a very small and also extremely good DSP receiver. It really fits in every pocket and is therefore my main mobile receiver.Small but with the reception power of a big station receivers !


SDR Receiver.

I use the Perseus with SDR Console, much better than the original PERSEUS CONTROL SOFTWARE...

For the FM+ i use the original Software.


Active Antenna Signal Splitter

My active antenna signal splitter "AntennaJet AAS300DP" is splitting the signal from one antenna to 3 different receivers simultaneous.

It is actually built by Dipl.Ing.(TU) Rudolf Ille and not by Bonito, they just stick their logo on it...

The AntennaJet has a wideband (>300MHz) and ultra low noise amplifier and can share one antenna up to 3 different receivers which can be tuned to fully different Frequencies, without switching the antenna cable or even pressing a button



As Antennas I use

  For 10KHz-30MHz  I use a RF Systems DX-One Professional, Mini Whip,  Wellbrook 1530+ and a 45m longwire.

For above 30 MHz I use a Dressler ara 900, Hamtronic DX-HT701 and some other very special Antennas... ;)


Over the years I had a lot of RX in my Shack !


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