Some Call It Adventure I Call It My Way Of Live 

 Hi Folks,
the urge for adventure has been with me for as long as I can remember...
Maybe that's why I came to Earth in the first place...

Chris Breier

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        " Freischaffender Lebenskünstler  "

Cameraman, Freelance Photographer, Expedition Guide...

Yukon River Expedition© Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

Expert in the art of living... ;)

There are things in life that always seem impossible until you've done them.

Life On My Terms

Alaska © Copyright by Christian Breier Alaska © Copyright by Christian Breier

The freedom to do what you really want feels very nice!

But it comes at a very high price, many people don't realize it!

I've had to give up a lot of things that most people take for granted, like having my own family or even being married or save much money for my retirement...

I've often had to put my life on the line. It's not funny, but I've got used to it.

Going on long expeditions, many months a year, for decades, is not a walk in the park or a trip to Disneyland...

It requires a lot of hardship!

Many people think that I have a lot of money and can therefore afford to travel for such a long time.
But the opposite is the case. 
I have to be very careful with my money and extremely self-sacrificing to make it all possible.

Believe me:
You do not have the slightest idea of what I have gone through to live the life that I have lived!

The good thing about my lifestyle is that it's very easy to see who's your 
real friend and who's not...


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© Copyright by Ch. Breier
Living the way I do isn't always easy.

Maintaining money, security and relationships and coping with the constant insecurity are probably the biggest challenges in my lifestyle. Living this way gives you a lot of freedom, but little certainty about your future!

That can be scary sometimes...

Don't let fear stop you!
Instead use your fear to fuel you with passion toward your purpose!



Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. Psalm23:4

I believe in God

but NOT in his Ground-Personnel !

I do not need a church, nature is mine !


When you go on a long expedition, you are in awe!

Lake Athabasca Canada © Copyright by Ch. Breier Lake Athabasca Canada © Copyright by Ch. Breier

You really appreciate the basics like fresh water, food and a roof over your head.
You quickly get a sense of how small and insignificant you are...

You realise that there must be a higher being... Whatever you want to call it...
Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of modern cities, these sensations and insights are quickly lost!
When you've been out in the wild as long as I have, you realise very quickly what is

really important in life...

Family, real friends & health 
can not be bought for any money in the world, many do not realize this !
Have respect for your parents, the elders and your friends, because you never know how much time you have with them! Never leave them with a bad word, otherwise there's a chance that one day it'll be too late for an apology...


Be happy with what you have and be glad that you and yours are healthy !


Everything else arises...


 I'm getting old but I am forever young at heart ...

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

You can tell by looking at me that I've got more miles behind me than I've got in front of me.

Looking even older with a big beard © Copyright by Ch. Breier Looking even older with a big beard © Copyright by Ch. Breier

When you reach that point, if you've got some good years left, you want to make sure that you use them wisely.

We are always the same age inside. Know that you are the perfect age.

Each year is special and precious, you can only live it once.

Do not regret growing older, it's a privilege denied to many...


That was my 9th Yukon River Expedition so far !

Yukon River Expedition© Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

I have done about 26,000 km in a boat on the Yukon River and about 100,000 km in boats in general...

7 times the Yukon River in its full length and

2 times to the half is NOT enough for me yet

Only those who go their own way will never get overtaken.

Alaska & Yukon Expeditions©Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

I try to be as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

That is why I live in a small space with as little as possible. For me, giving up normal luxuries does not mean giving up quality of life. It's the other way round. I have the greatest possible luxury; I have time for all the things that interest me.

It took me a long time to learn that there is more to life than being a mindless consumer.
The lust for materialism is so destructive. It allows us to create our own chains.

I am no longer interested in the capitalist quest for more and more....

Don't get stuck on the hedonic treadmill

You won't be able to buy anything important in life with money anyway!


Live and let live 

Live life to the fullest

 Follow your dreams, not the money!

Dreams are permanent, money is not...

No-one can ever rob you of your dreams!

Dreams help you keep your head up in the really bad times. They give you a reason to get up in the morning and work on things you don't like, and to keep going even when things don't go as planned.

And that inner motivation is worth more than money could ever buy...

The beauty of humanity is that our personalities evolve, our dreams evolve. And as we become more knowledgeable, we tend to dream bigger. So we never get bored, which makes us happier.

That's not necessarily the case with money. Sure, money makes our lives better and easier, but only up to a point...

Following your dreams unlocks things that money can't buy.

After all, money should be a secondary factor, not a primary one.


To me, all people are equal !

We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others. 

The earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it.

If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.

Alaska © Copyright by Ch. Breier

Alaska© Copyright by Ch. Breier

A good coexistence of all peoples, races and cultures on our planet is something I am very much in favour of.

Yukon River Alaska

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

I don't judge people on how they live, what car they drive, how they dress or where and how they live. Only people with small minds do that!

Yukon River Alaska

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

I am more interested in how they deal with other people. If and how they overcome difficulties and how they take on challenges and what skills I can learn from them and what skills they can learn from me!

Yukon River Alaska Eagle

© Copyright by Ch. Breier


But there are some idiots in all the races of the world, and unfortunately you will meet one every day... 

I advise you to ignore such people. 

Don't think that they are like that because they come from a certain country.

Idiots are international, unfortunately...

An expedition's path to success:

Alaska HWY © Copyright by Ch. Breier

Alaska© Copyright by Ch. Breier

Take one idea. Make that one idea your life - think about it, dream about it, live by that idea. Let the brain, the muscles, the nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea and just leave every other idea alone.

Deadhorse Dalton HWY Alaska

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

I am an adventurer

Adventure is my passion. I am not driven by records, world firsts or races, but by an intense curiosity to explore the more remote and extreme places of the world, exploration is like superfood for my soul and a life without it has little appeal to me! Adventure can and should be done for adventure's sake. It needs no higher justification. Adventure is an immensely powerful and positive experience that enriches the lives of those it touches. The more people who experience adventure and exploration, the better off our world will be.

It will change them forever, for the better, and they will never return the same person...

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

The elements that make up the perfect adventure for me are as follows

Kandik River Alaska

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

It is unique
It has no guarantee of success
It is extremely challenging and takes me out of my comfort zone
It involves real risk that requires total commitment to manage


Alaska & Yukon Expeditions©Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

It takes a lot of courage to live as your authentic self..  

Some people, even family members, may not want to accept the real you. But if you don’t live that way, you become less of yourself and limit what you can do.

Walking to the beat of your own drum allows you to use all your gifts and be there for others. Every choice you make contains the choice to be authentic. When you choose to live as who you really are, you become your best self.

On the way to the Northe Cape Scandinavia

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

Diving in the Uranium Mine Pit Gunner  Mine Lake Athabasca  Saskatchewan / Canada

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

I'm  "Single"  by choice

and will remain so unless I find my soulmate...

It would take a hell of a woman to change that!
And I'm quite sure I wouldn't find such women here in Germany. 
I prefer women who are down to earth, who love nature and have a taste for simplicity !

But such women are very rare...
Had met my soulmate ones in the Yukon/Canada and missed the chance... 


Alaska© Copyright by Ch. Breier

If you keep doing
what you've always done,
you will always get
what you've always gotten.
But if you want to have something different,
then you have to do something different!

Those who would give up essential liberty 

to buy temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security.

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Yukon River Gold © Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

Yukon River Gold © Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

 Because we don't have a 
"real" job 
people think that we don’t work.

Alaska HWY © Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright by Ch. Breier


Alaska HWY © Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

To succeed at what we do, it takes a lot of hard work ! 

Hubert Kriegel, thetimelessride

Very well said Hubert ....




In memory of Hubert Kriegel  1946 - 2018

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright by Ch. Breier © Copyright by Ch. Breier


And last but not least...
When someone like me swims against the current, then there are always enough jealous people who do not want to grant one anything, because they themselves are too lazy or too cowardly to take the risk !
Sorry, but if you had gotten off your lazy butt you could have done the same thing, so don't blame me for not doing it yourself...
And get a real life !

© Copyright by Ch. Breier © Copyright by Ch. Breier
Here Wolf & I show the rest of the world what we think of all those petty, jealous people!

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Only those who risk going too far, will discover how far they can go!

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